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Dec. 2009




Jewellery to remind you of earlier epoques. You recall... sometime, somewhere... you saw, or touched, or maybe wore these.

 You know that your spirit seems to realise this.....

 I have always been drawn to something historical. Images from ancient time speaks to me.


And stones, beads, all those materials are waiting to be discovered and to be made into something through which they can recall their memories.

 Reminiscences of earth, civilization, epoque, human beings....







My jewellery often resembles objects made from gold... but this is not the case.


I use polymer clay to combining with semi-precious stones, fused glass pieces, Czech crystal stones etc...

Then I decorate with metallic (gold or silver) mica powder.


This technique allows me to explore many possibilities in design and form to create gorgeous jewellery

without being 'emperor/empress' of the contemporary world .





Born in Japan : following Kyoto City University of Art M.A. (lacquer crafts), 

 I worked over a decade as a contract designer to fashion/ costume jewellery manufacturers. 

 After moving to London I began creating jewellery according to my own style and taste. 

 I display and sell my work in selected galleries and shops, mainly in south-west London and Tokyo.




New Autumn/Winter Collection


               Please visit my photo page on Flickr 

                                         --- newest works, daily life and more...share my interests...                                 



Fair and exhibitions autumn 2009



21(Sat) 22(Sun) Nov. Kotomi Yamamura exhibition and sales event

Jewellery- Reclaimed jewellery- Photographic artworks

at VISAGE56, Surbiton, KT6 5PL

11: 00am - 6:00pm

Direction for VISAGE56






Retail Information


  United Kingdom



 Mia Wood (Kew) : 9 Station Parade, Kew Garden Village, Richmond, Surrey TW9 3PG   

Tel  020-8439-9265

 Mia Wood (Ham ) :  418 Richmond Road, Kingston, Syrrey KT2 5PU    Tel 020- 8547-0202


  Galleria  : 8 Bridge Road, Hampton Court East Molesey, Surrey KT8 9HA   Tel/Fax  020-8941-8618 


Visage 56 :  56 Brighton Road, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 5PL  Tel 07855801038


 Polka-Gallery : 67 South Street,  Exeter  EX1 1EE   Tel  01392-276-330

  Polka Dot Jewellery :  11 Riverside Place, Taunton TA1 1JH   Tel 01823-289-489




L'Oiseau blue :  3-4-11 Takaban, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 152-004 Japan.    

Tel : 0081-(0)3-3792-8331


 L'O/COCO ( L'Oiseau blue net shop )




Web information

 Kotomi Yamamura Jewellery Newest Models :


 Kotomi Yamamura Jewellery Squidoo Page :

Japanese agent : Pictraco/ Syoko mode  :


 Blurb Book Shop / "Kotomi Yamamura Jewellery and Creations" on sale  :

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"craft&design  Magazine" :


Photo Gallery


Autumn /Winter Collection 2009   New!!


Spring / Summer Collection 2009 

  Autumn / Winter Collection 2008

 Spring / Summer Collection 2008




Revamp Project

The Revamp project takes unsalable (broken, out-of-trend etc..) garments

 and accessories to re-create one-of-a-kind designer items.


 Kotomi Yamamura jewellery in Revamp






 Kotomi Yamamura jewellery U.K. Atelier :

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